About Us

P & J Logistics & Management is minority owned business with Bill Polynice as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. The company was birthed in May 2017 and has since strives to perform our services with excellence. Bill has plentiful experience in the transportation and management industry which was all acquired under through his mentor ship. Under this mentor ship, Bill learned the key aspects of the logistics & management industry such as budgeting, expense control, bid management and more. 

P & J Logistics & Management, LLC. offers transportation and management services with a specialized interest in building management. The company, which is based in Rockland County, NY, is strategically located to provide exceptional management throughout the Tri-State area and soon the entire United States. Our primary strategy is to develop P & J Logistics & Management, LLC as the most cost-effective management alternative for the federal, local governments, and private entities.  


Our Mission

Through our services, P & J aims to make the everyday lives of individuals easier! We aim to provide  the best services at the best price on a constant basis!

P & J Logistics & Management has proven to be a very reliable company, that specializes in transportation and management. They constantly show this by their outstanding use of communication and effort on every given job, big or small. Their dispatchers and managers have proven to be very trustworthy while being completely customer oriented as well. Bottom line is, I would recommend them to anybody looking for great rates and no excuses!
— Al Jean-Baptiste, 24/7 Enterprises, LLC